Bears vs. Slack Open Thread

Well, we will have a good crew at the game today. I am pumped up and hoping for a great Bear win! Weather should be perfect.

A random thought – if we lose, our season isn’t over. But if the Slack loses, they are in deep shitola.

Funny Story

Before we have our open thread for the big game tomorrow I heard a funny story.

An actor from Chicago who is a Cubs fan was on Conan and he said he went to the Cubs / Sox game at Wrigley one time and he was in the washroom (at the troughs probably) and he could sense that a big fight was going to break out in the can.  A pack of drunken Cubs fans were shouting at a pack of drunken Sox fans and they were about to throw down when one guy jumps right in the middle between them and breaks it all up by yelling:


And everyone at the urinals all started chanting that in unison.  Pretty much one thing everyone I know agrees on.

Re-directs Should Be Working Soon

Ha ha for the two or three fans that use the actual domain names ( or as opposed to just finding us through a search engine our dumb webmaster (me) let em’ expire a couple days ago so they should be working again soon although I may have to tweak a couple settings so that it works properly.

Note that we give back ex-coaches like “” but we never give back Ron Turner since he messed up the Bears and the Illini so badly.

Back to regularly scheduled programming.

We Just Lost our Fullback… does it matter?

As someone who grew up around the era of the 1980’s Bears, I remember when Matt Suhey came to our Jr. High school and talked to the kids.  Everyone knew who he was – he was the fullback, the guy who clears the way for Payton or runs the ball in short yardage situations.

Now the Bears cut our fullback Fiammetta and we replaced him with a linebacker.  So we have zero fullbacks on the roster.

Does it matter?  Who is a good fullback in the NFL that plays an important role on the team?  I looked over at “over the cap” for fullbacks and they didn’t have any contracts listed.  That’s probably a site error but the fact that no one even notices is food for thought.

Just Like Last Year and Random Thoughts

Well, the Bears sit at 2-1 and we all have a lot more confidence now. Right?

Just Like Last Year, the Bears reserves are prepared. ALL of our safeties and corners had/have/received injuries either before or during last night’s game but the reserves stepped in and filled the gaps. Does this remind you of anything? Well, I will give you a hint

That’s right. Just Like Last Year with McClown being prepared, this year the defensive reserves as well as our backup wide receivers are extremely well prepared. You have to give a lot of credit to the Bears coaching staff, and yes, even Mel Tucker.

I don’t give a crap if you don’t like Cutler because he isn’t the “field general” you think he should be. As he continues to rewrite every record in Bears history, he is leading the team during practice and off the field according to Coach Trestman. And he is tossing absolute lasers out on the field. Even the (typically dumb) announcers last night gave Jay a thumbs up.

Jared Allen HAS TO START GETTING SACKS. Damn we are paying him a bazillion dollars to wreck fools in the backfield and he is getting dominated. Willie Young and even our young guys like Sutton and Ferguson (who got a great sack last night) are kicking ass. Our strategy of rotating D linemen through the game is yielding good results. Even Paea was a force.

Jon Bostic will end up being an all pro.

PLEASE take a touchback every time. Our kickoff return game is total crap.

Looking forward to the Packer game. But this week we have Rodgers, not Smith. If we don’t get some pressure he will for sure eat us alive. We shall see. Just between you and me, I think Rodgers has lost a step – he seems to be missing some wide open guys here and there, targets that he never missed before. But in the end, if he has time to set up shop back there, we are toast. The early line has Green Bay set up as a 1 point favorite.

Bears vs. Jests Open Thread

Well, I went to bed early last week, guess I shouldn’t be making that mistake any more.

On Tampa Bay and Hester

Up in the cheap seats Dan and I had a term for the run backs of Hester over the last few years.  As we watched him aimlessly noodle around and run sideways / backwards we just said

He “Hestered” himself

That said it all.  It was a catch-all term for his idiotic and pointless run backs.

As a wide receiver, he sucked too.  I don’t know if it was his terrible offensive coordinators or his lack of ability to run a route, but the outcome was lousy.

This doesn’t mean that at one point Hester wasn’t a great addition to the Bears – he was a game changer returning kicks and punts and they really impacted the strategy of the opponent.  BUT THAT WAS A LONG TIME AGO.  For the last few years, he’s sucked.  Great in the HOF for his work as an early Bear, but in NFL dog years then he is 100 years old and should be put out to pasture.

As far as Hester in Atlanta, he caught a few passes and ran back a return for a TD.  Boy there’s a game changer.  Without Hester, what, would Atlanta only be up 49-0 at the time?

Now we are hearing Hester talking from Atlanta about how he wasn’t happy as a Bear the last few years.  Well we weren’t happy either, so that’s two of us.

For idiotic stone faced Lovie, it was really funny to see him get slaughtered by Atlanta and be down 56-0 at one point.  HA HA HA.  We loved it.  At least his players will stand behind him because he is not going to demand anything out of them.  They all stand together as losers.

For McCown, now he has a hurt thumb and he’s out.  Too bad we can’t continue to do the comparison of McCown under Trestman and McCown under Lovie.  It was a great “run back to the mean” just like we predicted.