Bears Bucs Open Thread

The return of McClown and Lovie.  I say the Bears move to 5-6 today.

Bears Tickets For Sale

I am on the waiting list for two more Bears tickets.  I can’t remember exactly how long I have been on it, but it must be pushing 5-7 years at this point, which is a sign of a strong waiting list and/or people aren’t giving up their tickets.  Yet.

Today I received an email from the Bears that some single game tickets for this weeks marquis NFL matchup between the Bears and Bucs are available, and that since I was on the waiting list I could have a shot at them.

Part of this, I am sure, is that the Bucs probably returned a very large percentage of their allotment.  But we have had crap home games before and I never got a note that there were tickets available.  I took a look and there are tons of seats available both in this program and for resale.  You can literally sit anywhere in the stadium you would like.  But the tickets are all selling for face value, which is insane.  The Bears should be discounting these seats to move them out or donate them to charity for the write off and good press.  The weather will be crap on Sunday so I expect to see a bunch of empty seats.

This could be really where the rubber hits the road with the current players and coaches, but as always, time will tell.

*Addendum*  I researched this a bit more, and it appears that I am not special at all (as usual) for being on the waiting list.  You can see the Bears single game and resale tickets available at this link.  It is a very cool interactive map and you can see exactly where you are buying tickets at and all that are available.  That doesn’t excuse the insane prices.

Bears Vikings Open Thread

Well, the good news is that it can’t get any worse than last week.  Can it?

Tim Baffoe – The Usual

So lots and lots of handwringing and angst over the Bears right now, and I get it.  I am completely unsurprised at the number and volume of columns all beating this now pretty dead horse.

As I have mentioned before, I think it is important to offer something better here – trying to be realistic, incorporating ideas and thoughts as to how the team might be thinking on a high level.  For instance – firing everyone can’t and won’t happen.  Talking about how the McCaskeys may try to lower the terms of Trestman’s buyout, or speaking of how to tweak the cap for the future makes more sense.

Tim Baffoe spit out the typical column, full of what I have come to expect from most sports writers.  I am going to take this one apart a bit as there are some glaring errors and inconsistencies here.  I will put it all under the fold if you are interested.

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Roster Changes

There are some expected moves being made in what I like to call the “bottom half” of the roster.

I call it that, because basically you have your “team”, consisting of 11 offensive starters, 11 defensive starters, maybe a half dozen special team specialists, and the “bottom half”.  Which isn’t really a bottom half from a strictly mathematical standpoint, but work with me.

The idea is that these guys were just good enough to make the team, and get a coaches eye.  But they are subject to free agent action, typically have very (relative to the starters) inexpensive contracts, and are easily replaced/jettisoned with any of a number of guys rolling around out there trying desperately to get a job anywhere.

While most of the action is guys you have never heard of, I think it interesting that San Antonio Holmes got cut.  We took a flyer on him at the beginning of the year for the veteran minimum (and got the associated discount on the cap) so I won’t cringe too badly on this bust.  But I do wonder very much why on earth he wasn’t allowed to return kickoffs.  Chris Williams is just not getting the job done and makes constant bad decisions.

Anyways, see ya down the road San Antonio.

Look for more moves to come as the Bears management and coaching staff starts unwinding the team a bit as we approach the end of the season.

Stop Harassing Marc Trestman’s Daughters Immediately

Well, there was plenty of angst to go around on Monday with regards to the Bears and their coaching staff after the wipeout on Sunday night.  Every swinging d1ck (including us) has something to say about it.  I try to keep the hyperbole to a minimum, and try to keep things grounded in reality.  When I talk about things like the length of the contracts for the staff and the salary cap for the players, it is because these things matter, and are what is discussed at Halas Hall.  Sure, joe six pack can just sit there after the Packer game and say “fire ‘em all”, and that is a nice, easy way out.  Reality offers a different picture.

I also try to keep the nuclear weapons to a minimum here because I want to offer something better.

Where I am going with this is that I think that the lowest sports related story I have read this year isn’t the Adrian Peterson or Ray Rice things (or the imminent Jameis Winston point shaving scandals).  It is what I read yesterday regarding Marc Trestman’s daughters.

Some lowlifes have been bothering them on Twitter and harassing them with foul language and the like.  To me, this is one of  the most unbelievable things, well, ever.  It needs to stop, immediately.  I know I am shouting into a toilet but with our elevated traffic levels here lately, I just wanted to do my part to try to send out some good Google juice and good vibes to the Trestman family.

On behalf of all Bear fans to the Trestman family, I want to apologize for the behavior of these lowlifes.  We need to be better than this.

Put A Fork In It

Well, after that incredible loss last night, I think we can now safely say that we have no playoff shot.  As if we really thought we did before that game, but that is besides the point.

The team is a disaster, in all three phases.  There is one good thing that results from it all – now I know I don’t have to worry about sitting in the cold or fighting traffic or snow going to any more games this year.  I am sending all of the tickets and parking passes to Carl as of today.

And now, as they say, things get interesting.  Will they dismantle the team?  Will they begin to engineer buyouts of key vets and/or the coaching staff?  Man I wish I could hear what is going on at Halas hall today.

It won’t be pretty.